" It makes me see deeper,create and renew. To create is a way to flee reality but at the same time keep it within you.

I get inspiration from the calm surface of the sea, suddenly

rippled by the wind and by the small stones sunbathing on the beach......"


The textile art exhibitions of Gunilla Luiga is characterized by two

distinctive and coordinating elements. One is the luminosity and

warmth of her textile works - created by her way of working with blue as the black stuctures. The other is her sphere of motives,

resembling old European, perhaps mainly Scandinavian style traditions.


Gunilla Luiga shows a wide program of textile designing techniques together with painting. Her way of playing with imageries in textiles reveals a lyrical talent that encompasses creative discipline, decorative ornamentation, delight and humour

Her exhibitions are always well planned, screened and free from random effects. It is a pleasure to visit a textile exhibition where the creative language of materials and colours as a mediatory media forms a conversation where the replies are gentle, peaceful and thoughtful.


Those who see her textile collage will understand that words also are important for her or what is written. She comes back to ornamental graphical signs, a kind of calligraphy. Gunilla Luiga has a lot of qualifications. She began her studies at Nyckelviksskolan, Art School in Stockholm and continued at the Stockholm Academy of Art where her majors were ceramics (1 year) and textile ( 5 years). There after she studied art-history at the University of Stockholm. In Atlanta, USA, she studied art at the Memorial Art Museum. Her work is mainly represented in public buildings in Sweden, USA, Hungary, China and Singapore. Some examples are Electrum, Ericsson, Philips, Sandvik International, The Commercial Bank of Sweden and hotels in Sweden, Colosseum Atlanta and First National Bank in Chicago, USA. She got the goldmedal for the best carpet-design at the International Textile Exhibition in Sacramento, California, USA three years in a row. She worked for Kasthalls Carpetmill, Mölnlycke and Åkerlund & Rausing in Sweden and Dalton Carpetmill in USA for a few years.


She has been showing her textile art in many countries as the USA, Canada, Germany, Norway, Singapore, China and Sweden.



Memorial Art Museum, Atlanta, USA

Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, USA

Macon Art Museum, USA

Museum of Athens, USA

The Museum of textile Art, Toronto, Canada

Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden

Borås Textilmuseum, Sweden

Singapore and Beijing

And many more

























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